Whois lookup – Investigate Domain Name

Whois Lookup –

Domain – What is a Domain Name? The Domain name is an online identity know as a web address. A domain name can be registered by paying a yearly fee.

Whois lookup – To see who has registered or who owns domain Web address. If the Web address is available, you can register any top level domain through the domain registrar.

Whois Lookup of a domain name consist the following things –

  1. Domain Name info – The Name of Web address (e.i atalk.in)
  2. Registry Domain ID – The Unique identity Number of a domain name.
  3. Registrar WHOIS Server
    1. Registrar URL
    2. Updated Date
    3. Creation Date
    4. Registry Expiry Date
    5. Registrar Registration Expiration Date
    6. Registrar Details
    7. Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited
  4. Registrant Organization
    1. Registrant State/Province
    2. Registrant Country: IN
  5. Domain Name Servers (Minimum Two Name server maximum up to 10)
  6. DNSSEC: unsigned / Signed

Whois Domain Search Result Format (Screenshot/Image) –

Whois screenshot of domain lookup details - google.com

How to whois Search Results-

Answer – Click here for Google Whois Domain Search Results.

Where I can found the Whois domain Related queries?

Answer – Visit ICANN organization page to search queries.

Basic Whois Domain related Questions/Queries –

  1. What are some of the gTLD WHOIS policy concerns?
  2. How do ICANN address gTLD WHOIS policy concerns?
  3. What is WDRP?
  4. I received a WDRP notice, but my information is correct. Is any action required on my part to ensure my domain
  5. What is the purpose of WHOIS Studies?
  6. registration is not affected?
  7. Why is ICANN contacting me regarding the WDRP? ICANN is not my registrar.
  8. What is my duty to keep the information in my WHOIS record current?
  9. I received a WDRP notice, and I need to update my contact information. How do I make an update?
  10. Does receiving a WDRP notice mean that someone complained about my website or domain name?
  11. How do I update my contact information / WHOIS record?
  12. How to update old email address to new one ?
  13. I tried to update my information, but I cannot remember my username or password. How can they be retrieved?
  14. The person who is listed as the administrative contact for my domain name is no longer available or is not
  15. responsible for my domain names anymore. Can I still change my WHOIS record?
  16. Who is my registrar? How can I contact my registrar or reseller?
  17. I don’t recognize the name of my domain registrar. What should I do?
  18. I’m having trouble updating my WHOIS data. Can I just send it to ICANN?
  19. I cancelled the registration of my domain name and am still receiving WDRP emails. Is this appropriate?
  20. What is WHOIS data?
  21. What makes up the WHOIS service?
  22. How does WHOIS work?
  23. What are thick and thin entries?
  24. Can WHOIS data be registered in non ASCII languages?
  25. What if I don’t want my personal information freely available from WHOIS?
  26. Who uses WHOIS?
  27. What is WHOIS data used for?
  28. What is the purpose of the RDS-WHOIS2 Review Team?
  29. Will ICANN change WHOIS?
  30. How do I correct my WHOIS information?
  31. Who do I tell if WHOIS information is wrong or missing?
  32. What if my country’s privacy laws prohibit collection of WHOIS data?
  33. Why do I need to keep contact information associated with my domain name registration up-to-date?
  34. Most importantly I use privacy and/or proxy service, do I still need to update my contact information?
  35. By mail I received a WDRP notice. How do I know this is a legitimate notice and not spam?
  36. Why am I receiving WDRP notices from ICANN when ICANN is not my registrar?
  37. Who should I contact for any other questions I may have?

> Visit ICANN organization page to search above highlighted whois domain queries.