Top Most Funny Questions not Answered yet by any Indian.

Top Most Funny Questions not Answered yet by any Indian

aTalk about Top Most Funny Questions not Answered yet by any Indian.

However, People’s questions over time do not end. But there are some funny questions we can not answer correctly. There are some questions about which Indians are in dilemma.

These questions have been taken from social media like WhatsApp, Twitter, Quora, and Facebook.
Let’s talk to get some similar questions for you –

  • Jio Free Ya Hum? 

After providing unlimited data plans in cheap prices by reliance JIO network. It has been seen that the Indian user started spending most of the time online. So here the question arises that the data is free or we?.

  • Where to Put 100 Rupees note(Larg in Size) in Purse. Front or Back side of 2000 rupee note(Small in size compared to old Currency note)?

After demonetization by the Indian government. Common citizen is confused about to know how to put 100 rupees in the purse. Because So far he kept the old note behind in descending order.

  • If Can’t talk then why Whatsapp?

Whatsapp messenger is VOIP and instant message service. “Can’t talk WhatsApp only” is Default Status on WhatsApp messenger. When talk doesn’t matter for you. So what’s the benefit of doing WhatsApp?.

  • Is Arvind Kejriwal the most honest person in India?. if so, then Who is the second honest guy in Indian politics?

Kejriwal claims for himself or his party that they are the most honest person in India.  but is it true? yet to know.

  • When will Rahul Gandhi Become PM of India? This century or next?

What will happen if Rahul Gandhi becomes the Prime Minister of India?. When will he become pm? and so on.. many other questions are related to Rahul Gandhi. Every Indian is confused about this questions because BJp is a strong political party with nationalist ideology.

  • Where is Vikas(Development)? where did he lose?

After the BJP Government in the center. There is only one common question on every person’s speech, where the development was lost? Modi working With a clear vision, the effect of which is not yet visible but probably in future.

  • If India is cashless, then why extra gov-tax on Transactions?

Government forcing every institution, its citizens to the cashless transaction and promoting cashless transactions. but instead of this in some cases government taking 2% extra transactional charges on card swapping and digital transaction.

  • Where is black money & Black money holders?

The common man and government both are looking to find out the answer that after all where is all the black money?.

  • What was the Purpose of Demonetization? when 99.30% amount returned in RBI.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has come out with its annual report giving a balance-sheet of demonetization implemented 21 months ago. Of Rs 15.41 lakh crore demonetized currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denominations, only Rs 10,720 crore did not reach to the banks or the RBI.

This means only 0.7 percent of demonetized currency notes were junked in the exercise. The government had initially expected that approximately Rs 3 lakh crore of demonetized currency notes would not come back to the banking system, thus shedding the substantial weight of black money.


  • Who is paying subsidy on the cylinder? government or we?

Purchasing cylinders by paying more money. Then the same money is coming into our account. Then how did the subsidy?. A few years ago the gas price was 250 rupees, which now has become 800 to 1800 rupees. Read all Indian government subsidy.