Top Brands of India Losing Public Attention? – Pepsi & Coca-Cola India

pepsi india & coca cola india facebook Report

Top Indian Soft drink manufacturer brand Pepsi India and Coca-Cola India losing the attention of the online Indian audience. This report is based on their Facebook page’s posts engagements.

Pepsi Facebook Likes –  Thirty-eight million +
Facebook Page Post likes – Only 20 to 200 Post Likes. [ Pepsi Online Attention ]

Coca-Cola Facebook Likes – One hundred seven million +
Facebook Page Post likes – Only 20 to 200 Post Likes. [ Coca-cola Online Attention ]

It is a matter of fact, despite the likes of millions of Facebook pages, the interest of the people is not visible at all.  After analyzing the pages of both the brands, it can be concluded that the trend of people is either changing their products or changing their choices. You can make an estimate by looking at the status of these companies running in the profits of crores rupees.

Pepsi Facebook Post Likes – 

CocaCola Facebook Post Likes –

In Indian Market Demand of local soft drinks rapidly increasing, Because of which some peoples assume that both brands will hardly live longer in the Indian market. though, It will be interesting to see how well these brands improve in the future. – atalk india report.