New PNB EMV Chip Debit card – Green PIN Activation Process

pnb green pin generate

Green Pin Process –

How To Get started

  1. When your card is activated at the branch a 6 digit green pin OTP is sent on your registered mobile number.
  2. This OTP will be valid for 72 hours and can be used to set debit card PIN at PNB ATMs or through retail internet banking in post Login page PNB.

You have the power to generate a green PIN for following occasions –

  1. The 72 hours initial green pin period is over
  2. You want to change your existing pin number
  3. You have forgotten your pin and want to reset it
  4. Use your registered mobile to send SMS (DCPIN space card number to 5607040/9264092640

In case you do not receive Green PIN OTP, Please check the following whether –

  1. A network is available on your mobile
  2. Your latest mobile number is linked to your account

The step of debit card pin setting at any PNB ATM

  1. Swipe your debit card
  2. Select “enter green pin (OTP)”
  3. ATM screen will prompt you to enter 6 digits OTP. Enter OTP
  4. ATM screen will guide you for debit card pin setting. enter 4 digit number of your choice as a pin and re-enter the same number on the test screen for confirmation.
  5. A confirmation message will be displayed
  6. “thank you your pin has been set successfully, please do not share it with anyone “

PIN setting through PNB retails Internet Banking account

  1. Login to your retail internet banking account
  2. Post login, click on value-added services set/reset (debit card PIN
  3. The system will prompt for:
    1. Card number
    2. Expiry date
    3. 6 digit OTPdeliverd on your registered mobile number.
  4. The screen will prompt you to enter a 4 digit number of your choice as a pin and re-enter the same number on the next screen for confirmation.

PIN Setting through a corporate website

  1. A link to generate debit card pin has been given on IBS login page ( as well as PNB website Https://
  2. Enter 16 digit account number
  3. After successful validation of account . 4 digit OTP will be sent  on the registered mobile number
  4. Once the OTP is received. card details need to be entered
  5. After the card details have been entered a new pin can be sent using 6 digit green PIN OTP, which would be generated by sending SMS (DCPIN 5575*************) Through registered mobile number to 5607040/9264092640.
  6. A confirmation SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number.

Instant Blocking of Debit card :

  1. Call PNB Tollfree Number 1800180222 or 18001032222 or 01202490000 and get debit card blocked.
  2. Send SMS (HOT Space card number ) to 5607040 or 926409240 from the registered mobile number to block it.
  3. Visit any PNB branch and give written request to block.

Maximum cash withdrawal per transaction at one time

  • PNB ATMs – 15000
  • Other Bank ATMs – 10000

Daily Maximum transaction Limit:

  • Cash withdrawal at ATM 25000
  • POS/E COM (combined) 60,000

Summary of charges (excluding taxes)*

  • Issuance charges – NIL
  • Annual charges -100

PNB EMV Chip Debit card, New Green dot card atm with inbuild Chip system. A debit card is not just for withdrawing cash from ATM for shopping. It can also help you make your purchases via POS machine in shops or via online.

How to use a PNB Debit card and Terms and conditions using the Green Dot card debit card are given below. your first usage shall confirm that you accept these terms & Conditions.

 PNB Green dot card ATM :

green pin EMV chip Debit card

Transaction charges :

  • PNB ATMs – the number of free atm transaction on PNB ATMs per month -5
  • Charges on a transaction (over and above free transactions) RS 10 Rupees( Plus Taxes)
  • Other bank ATMs – 3/5 transactions per month in metro/non-metro cities respectively of Debit card is issued in saving account
  • Rs 20 +GST Beyond above free transactions

Free Insurance :

Free insurance of Rs 50,000 Covering accidental death / permanent disability subject to following conditions.

  1. All cardholders are eligible, subject to fulfillment of the Terms and conditions of the policy (visit for complete details)
  2. Should have performed minimum successful financial at any channel within 90 days prior to the date of the accident including accident date.
  3. All supporting documentation relating to claim to be submitted within 150 days from the date of death

Health habit for use of the debit card at ATMs & POS –

  1. Do not keep your PIN number & card together
  2. Don’t write down or disclose your pin number to anyone
  3. Do make sure that you shield your hand while entering your pin so that no one around you is able to make our what numbers you are punching in.
  4. Change your pin number as often as convenient.
  5. For security reasons, you are requested to erase/blacken the CVV/ CVD number after remembering it to avoid misuse.
  6. Register yourself for SMS alerts so that you get alerts messages whenever your account is accessed.
  7. Check your account statement regularly for cross-checking your expenditures.

 Where you can use PNB Debit Card?

  1. Cash withdrawal, balance inquiry mini statement of account, fund transfer utility bill payment income tax payment, registration of internet banking service etc.
  2. Purchase of goods. Services from merchant establishments and cash at selected POS.
  3. Online e-commerce transactions.

Terms & conditions

Cardholder shall –

  1. Ensure safety of his debit card /pin
  2. Change his / her PIN frequently through and of the network atm of PNB or through Retail internet banking
  3. Notify the bank immediately after knowing loss/ theft of debit card PIN
  4. Bear the loss sustained, up to the time of receipt of notification by the bank at a designed place about loss theft of a debit card
  5. Maintain sufficient balance in his /her account to perform the successful transaction.

Safety first :

  1. One the back side of the card, there is a three digit number known as CVV. After remembering this number please erase/blacken it to avoid its misuse.
  2. If you revive any telephonic call/email/SMS. Do not share any of the following as bank/RBI never asks for such details
    1. DEBIT CARD number
    2. PIN
    3. OTP
    4. Debit card Expiry Date
    5. CVV number