Design for NASA Astrobee Challange 2018 & Win $25000

Participate in NASA  Astrobee Challange and get a chance to win prize up to $25000 USD . Show your innovative ideas and concepts in 14 new contests with NASA. Find FAQ related the contest  –

NASA  once again to bring you 14 new contests with up to $25,000 USD at stake.

What is The Challenge?

Answer Design the parts of a robotic arm for Astrobee, a free flying robotic assistant for the International Space Station. Winning solutions may be incorporated into the robotic arm design and used on the space station for years to come.

Who Can Participate ?

Answer –  The contest is open to anyone with heaps of imagination and creativity. Complete the registration survey to get started now !

How to Participate or Register for the Astrobee Challenge Contest ?

Answer – You’re one step away from unlocking NASA’s Astrobee Challenge series. You must answer this registration survey before you can view the contest details.

What Time it Take to Registration ?

Answer – It should take no more than 20 minutes. Get a chance to win a NASA Tournament Lab sticker that has flown on the International Space Station just by completing the registration survey.

What is Astrobee Registration Links ?

Answer – Go here to register –
Go to Contest link –
Registration Link –

Why to Participate in Astrobee Challenge ?

Answer – You can participate if you are innovative talented and eager to solve or help the most complex problems being faced by astronauts on the cutting edge of space exploration.

Is Their any Solution Made Yet ?

Answer –  Yes ! From 2015 , this has already spanned solutions from 3D tools for robotic astronauts to smartwatch mobile applications used for time tracking and important station updates.

What are The Latest set of Challenges ?

Answer – In the latest set of challenges, we will be designing a robotic arm for the Astrobee, the next generation of free flying robots on the International Space Station. Get involved today and help NASA push the boundaries of human imagination and innovation.

Tell me more about NASA’s Challenges, and solution they are looking for ?

AnswerNASA is designing a next generation robotic assistant to support astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS). The assistant will fly around inside the ISS, perch on a wall-mounted handhold (“Handrail”), and orient a camera, as directed. NASA has already designed the free flyer part, called Astrobee, and is looking to the freelancer community for great solutions for an attachment and orientation arm.

What is Prize Range ?

Answer – Over the next several months, ~$25,000 will be awarded, spread over more than a dozen contests, with individual prizes ranging from $250 to $5000. Each will ask for solutions to a particular (sometimes overlapping) piece of the attachment arm. Each contest has been defined to be solvable on its own, but you may choose to compete in as many contests as you wish. Winning solutions may be incorporated into the robotic arm design and used with Astrobee for years to come.

Provide me Complete task Details of NASA Challenges and How to Unlock ?

Answer – If you wish to compete in any of the Astrobee challenges you must first complete this registration survey. It should take no more than 20 minutes. Upon completion you will unlock all of the challenges (you only need to register once). Completing the registration survey will also enter you into a drawing for a NASA Tournament Lab Sticker that has previously flown in space!

Find The List of Tasks Below –