Lockdown impact on bookmyshow in india

lockdown impact bookmyshow corona grpah

BookMyShow LockDown 2020

As soon as any film is released, it is the first thought to book a ticket at home; Bookmyshow comes first in this category. Through Bookmyshow, we can fulfill the hobby of watching our film right from home. Long lines do not have to wait nor wait in the ticket waiting list, but when the whole of India is suffering from corona infection (covid 19 virus)and the whole of India is Locked down, then do not go out of the houses becomes difficult to see the movie so far away. In such a situation, when it comes to the bookmyshow market, it has come down completely, the ticket sales have come down and the arrival of new films has also stopped.

 In this time, the Bollywood industry has come to zero , what will happen to the film industry, it will be a subject to see how much mark is lying in this area.

The graph of the bookmyshow on Google trends is shown below. It can be clearly seen in the graph how Book My Show has come down tremendously after lockdown –