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jan aushadhi kendra

Jan aushadhi Kendra Facility – 

Today the speed of the country’s population is increasing at the speed of which the needs of the common people are not being fulfilled. In the field of basic amenities and medicine, it is difficult to get the government out of its level today. In such a way, there is a lot of money being done with private medicine, and the government has no such stance on it.

In such a situation, the present central government is seen providing some relief to the common man in the medicines.

List of Jan aushadhi Kendra state wise – 

The Central Government has set a target to open 2,000 pradhanmantri Jan aushadhi Kendra or public drug centers by 2019-20 to provide quality healthcare generic medicines and medical equipment at affordable rates to the people at the village level. Under the scheme launched in the year 2008-09, in the wake of the rising prices of medicines, 3195 Jan aushadhi Kendra in 33 states and Union Territories were set up by private and non-governmental organizations by 27th February.

  • 475 centers have been opened in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Kerala has 317,
  • 257 in Gujarat
  • 245 in Tamil Nadu
  •  234 in Karnataka
  • 202 in Maharashtra
  • 194 in Chhattisgarh
  • 127 in Andhra Pradesh
  • 41 in Delhi
  • 68 in Punjab
  • 67 in Haryana
  • 93 in Uttarakhand 
  • 86 in Madhya Pradesh
  • 92 in Rajasthan
  • 66 in Odisha
  • 85 in Bihar
  • and 46 centers in Jharkhand have been opened.

The government’s plan is to open a Jan aushadhi Kendra public drug center at the Block level. The Standing Committee of the Parliament related to the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers has stated in a recent report that the Bureau of Pharma PSUs of India (BPPI), implementing this scheme, was providing 650 medicines and equipment to the centers till February. .

BPPI is currently providing generic medicines related to infections, prevention of diarrhea, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and many other diseases. Government plans to provide more than 700 medicines to 154 equipment cheap equipment. BPPI has established Central Warehouse in Gururgram for the supply of medicines and equipments to the Public Drug Centers. Along with this, eight caring and forwarding agents (F & C) and eight distributors have been appointed.

The committee has said that the current distribution system is not sufficient for timely access to medicines and equipment to the general public. The Committee has recommended the Drug Department to explore the possibilities of recruitment of warehouses and distributors at the regional level according to need. The committee has also recommended the creation of a tech-based Real-Im tracking system so that the disturbances are not likely.

The revised budget was 74.62 crores for BPPI during 2017.18, out of which Rs 47.64 crores was allocated, but only Rs 29.63 crores was utilized under this scheme. Since the beginning of this scheme, a total of 137.88 crore rupees have been released to BPPI, out of which 119.88 crores has actually been utilized.

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