HTTP ERROR 500 With WordPress Website

HTTP ERROR 500 WordPress

A talk about http error 500 wordpress error. And step by step how to fix it. What is our motivation behind writing this post.? Because we faced the same issue with our website. Some Spammers from Korea and China country attacked on our website and corrupt all important files in wp-admin,wp-content, and wp theme folders.

Here we’re Helping you. How to find out and resolve such http 500 error codes problems quickly as soon as possible. If you’re afraid about negative ranking in google search results activity. negative ranking can reduce your ranking in the top earning websites.

WordPress is common opensource platform and You have to be ready for such difficulties in future. Now let’s focus on troubleshooting the issue.

Primary Steps to follow during http error 500 troubleshooting

  1. Change your all Login details for cpanel, WordPress admin users.
  2. Remove all spam comments and links, If you’re able to access panel.
  3. Before troubleshooting makes sure that you have been taken all backup of your database and important files in a local machine.
  4. Access your cpanel and search > scan virus. Select “scan website root folder”. If you can see some effected files after scan task execution. can say spam files. Remove spam files, Modify those files OR replace those files with new ones.
  5. Again Open the file manager and check last modified files and folders. If there are a large number of affected files then you can replace all of your public_http files with fresh word press installation files.  
  6. Recheck all plugins and reinstall those plugins.

The most Common issue of http error 500 with WordPress site 

Most time corrupted .htaccess file create such issue in WordPress website. How To replace the file.? follow the steps here :

  1. Open cpanel, Now search, check and rename old .htacces file located in the root folder of your website. 
  2. Rename .htaccess with .htaccess_old file. Login to > dashboard > setting > permalink.
    http 500 error 3

      http 500 error 3
  3. Setting > permalink > Select Post name and save the option.  After clicking on saving button a new .htaccess file will be saved in the root folder automatically. Once the file is replaced with new one http 500 error will be gone.
http error 500 wordpress
http error 500 wordpress

We’ve tried to solve http 500 error in WordPress website. If you readers have any other troubleshooting solution or suggestion, drop your comments in the comment box below.