How Copyleft Different from Copyright?


Let’s talk about the difference between copyright and copyleft (uncopyrighted). The “left” in “copyleft” is not a reference to the verb “to leave”—only to the direction which is the mirror image of “right”. Copyleft and Copyright Both terms are used to protect the intellectual property(IP) rights. Both have some rules, rights are regulations to use and follow.


Copyright is a legal means of protecting an author’s work. It is a type of intellectual property that provides exclusive publication, distribution, and usage rights for the author for a certain time of period (about 25 years).


Copyleft is a general method where scriptwriter put his script in the public domain for others to use free of cost. Then, the public can make suggestions or rewrite the script free as well.

The simplest way to make a program copyleft is just put it in the public domain, uncopyrighted. This allows the public to share the script or program and their improvements if they are so minded.

Challenges of copyleft:

Peoples can convert the program into proprietary software. They can make changes, modification, upgradations even more many or few, and distribute the result as a proprietary product. People who receive the program in that modified form do not have the freedom that the original author gave them; the middleman has stripped it away.

It is the same as “People Utilizing natural resource and Distributing them to the public for profit gain”

Copyleft in One Sentance:

Copyleft says that anyone who redistributes the software, with or without changes, must pass along the freedom to further copy and change it. Copyleft guarantees that every user has freedom.wau…

Copyleft Benefit for programmers:

Copyleft helps any scriptwriters(can say programmer) to contribute to program/scripts without any charges. programmers who want to contribute improvements to free software get permission to do so. These programmers often work for companies or universities that would do almost anything to get more money. A programmer may want to contribute her changes to the community, but her employer may want to turn the changes into a proprietary software product. Copyleft has reserved rights for it it is illegal. One of the sharing platform Github is best exapmle of it.

How to copyleft a program:

To copyleft a program, we first state that it is copyrighted; then we add distribution terms, which are a legal instrument that gives everyone the rights to use, modify, and redistribute the program’s code, or any program derived from it, but only if the distribution terms are unchanged. Thus, the code and the freedoms become legally inseparable.

Why use copyleft:

Copyleft is a way of using the copyright on the program. It doesn’t mean abandoning the copyright; in fact, doing so would make copyleft impossible. As said above, The “left” in “copyleft” is not a reference to the verb “to leave”—only to the direction which is the mirror image of “right”.

Copyleft is a general concept, to spread the work without allowing any hard restrictions on it.