Guidelines & Safety Tips RuPay Debit card – Almora- urban Co-operative Bank

Guidelines & Safety Tips for your RuPay Debit card- almora co-operative bank

Guidelines & Safety Tips for your RuPay Debit card

Before you begin using your card read RuPay atm card guidelines below – 

  • Sign on the signature panel at the back of the card as soon as you receive it.
  • Use your new card immediately at any ATM in the NFS network to change the system generated PIN to a new 4-digit number of your choice.
  • Memorize your PIN mailer.
  • Never write your PIN on your card. Remember the PIN instead of writing it down.


  • Keep your PIN secret.
  • Change your PIN regularly. Preferably, change it every quarter.
  • In case of loss or theft of your card, call our customer care on 05962231947, 230743 between 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. Visit the nearest branch immediately and request for the blocking of your card.
  • Keep your card away from sunlight.
  • Keep your card away from TV and magnetic products.
  • If you have two cards. Take care that the magnetic stripes of the two cards do not rub against each other.


  • Do not give your card to everyone.
  • Do not share your PIN with anybody (including family members, your banker or any branch employee.
  • Never leave your card unattended. Keep your card in a place where you will immediately know if it is missing.
  • Avoid taking help from anyone under any circumstances at an ATM.
  • Never let anyone see you entering your PIN, The safer measure is to ensure that you are alone in the ATM while you are conducting your transactions.
  • Do not remove or scratch the magnetic strip behind the card.
  • Remember that Almora urban co-operative bank ltd never ask for financial/personal/debit card related information via e-mail or phone.

Thus, please do not respond to email & phone calls seeking such information. They may be fraudulent.

Card usage at ATMs

You can use your card at Almora- urban Co-operative Bank’s ATMs or any bank’s ATM are within the NFS network. Look for the RuPay logo displayed at the ATM. This logo indicates that the 0 is in the NFS network. You can use your card at over 1 lack such ATMs across India.

Step 1 : Insert your card into the slot provided, if the ATM has a dip reader, insert the card into the slot and pull it back, it the ATM has a motorized card reader, your card will be retained in the ATM till the transaction is completed.

Step2 : The ATM will prompt you to select your preferred language.

Step 3 : Next, the ATM will prompt you to select your preferred language.

Step 4 : After confirmation of your PIN you will be provided with a list of transaction option. Viz fast cash, cash withdrawal, balance enquiry, mini statement, change PIN, Select your desired transaction and follow the instructions.

Step 5 :  IN case of cash withdrawals you account with almora urban co operative bank ltd will be debited online with the amount of withdrawal.

Step 6 : After you finish the transaction at an ATM having a motorized card reader, collect your card as soon as it is ejected (within 30 seconds) or else it will be retained.


  • You can withdraw cash of minimum RS 100/- to the maximum limit prescribed for the type of your account. Please go through the Tariff Sheet for the charges applicable.
  • Enter your PIN properly at the ATM, if you enter a wrong PIN three times repeatedly, your card may get blocked for the day or held back by the ATM. Contact the bank immediately in such a situation.
  • Bank will not be held responsible for any unauthorized transactions on the card.
  • IMPORTANT : As per RBI mandate, any cash left behind in the ATM tray will not be taken back by the ATM. Uncollected cash can be taken by the next person using the ATM. Bank will not be liable for any financial loss.

Card Usage at Merchant Establishments

Step 1 : Present your card to be the merchant establishment displaying the RuPay logo.

Step 2 : The merchant will swipe it through the POS terminal and enter the amount of your purchase.

Step 3 : You will be presented the PIN pad: enter the same PIN which you use at an ATM to withdraw money.

Step 4 : The POS terminal will process your transaction by debiting your account Almora Urban co-operative Bank Ltd. With the purchase amount (subject to availability of funds in your account) and print a charge slips.

Step 5 : Verify the amount on the charge slip and sign on the merchant copy.

Step 6 : The merchant will return the customer copy of the charge slip and your card.

Know your debit Card

Personal identification number (PIN): confidential 4-digit number for using your card on ATMs and POS terminals.


  1. Debit card number: This is your 16 digit card number. Please note that you are required to quote this number for all further correspondences with your bank.
  2. Your Name: Only you are authorized to use your card. check that your name has been correctly printed on your debit card. If not, then please contact your branch at the near list.(if card is an insta card, there will be no name printed on it.)
  3. Expiry Date: Your RuPay Debit Card is valid from the day you received it, up to the last day of the month of the year mentioned on the card.
  4. RuPay Logo: Your RuPay Debit Card is acceptable in India at ATMs and Merchant establishments displaying the RuPay logo.

Back of the card

  1. Magnetic stripe : Important information pertaining to your RuPay Debit Card is needed here. Please protect the magnetic strip from getting damaged.
  2. Signature Panel : Please sign on the signature panel immediately on receipt of your card with a non-erasable ball –point pen (preferably black ink). Your signature on the card should match your signature on the charge-slip during purchase at a merchant establishment.
  3. CVD2 : This is a 3 digit number present at the end of the signature panel on the back of the card. An added security feature for CNP (card-non-present) transactions. Cardholder needs to communicate this number for all e-commerce transactions.
Terms & Conditions


  1. Bank reserves the right to approve or decline and transaction. The card holder cannot later deny any instruction given through this card/
  2. Bank reserves the right to start new services for the card or to stop any existing service as and when required.
  3. Bank reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of ATM and POS services any time.
Tariff Charges
Transactions Financial (cash withdrawal) Non financial( Balance inquiry, PIN Change, Mini Statement)
Almora Urban Co-Operative Bank Ltd . ATM Free Free
Other Bank’s ATM (First 5 Transitions of the month (including financial or non-financial) Free Free
Other Bank’s ATM

After First 5 Transactions of the month (including financial or non-financial)

Rs 22/- Per transaction +Service Tax Rs 10/- Per transaction +Service Tax

Daily Usage Limites :

Withdrawal limit at AUCB ATM   Rs 20,000/-

Withdrawal limit at other ATM   Rs 10,000/-

Purchase Limit at Merchant Establishment Rs 10,000/-


Annual Fee                        Rs 100 + Service tax

Card Replacement fee      Rs 50 + Service tax

PIN Replacement Fee       Rs 20 + Service tax