Electric Bike in India and Future Competition with China

electric bike in india

The competition for the electric e-bike in India.

China’s bike may dominate in the Indian market.

Let’s talk about the transportation in future. as we know there is the limited amount of oil and other energy natural resources in nature. Air pollution is also a very big challenge these days. Keeping both issues in mind. The electric vehicle can be very helpful for us to evade both problems in the future.

India is the second largest country with respect of the population.  transportation and pollution is a very big problem in India. so Indian government soon trying to divert all its focus on electric vehicles rather than Old-fashioned vehicles.

IIT Madras professor and the central government advisor on electric vehicles Dr. Ashok Jhunjhunwala Says that china’s two-wheeler electric vehicle may dominate in the Indian market.

According to a report :

  • China has already developed 2.5 million electric vehicles.
  • As compared with China, India has only 2 lakh electric vehicle ready to go in the market.

Expert says that the central government should announce the policy on two-wheeler Electric bike in India as soon as possible. China is manufacturing a large number of electric vehicles. Which can be brought to the Indian market. Due to the lack of clear government policy, it is affecting investors and Indian manufacturing companies. due to that companies are not working at that pace. Experts say that it may also affect the employment sector.

List of electric vehicle (two-wheeler and prices).

The price range of electric two-wheelers is Rs. 30,000/-  to Rs. 60,000/- in Indian Rupee. Here is the list of the electric vehicles.

List of electric bike in india price
List of electric bike in india price