Moz Domain Authority DA 2.0

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Talk About DA 2.0 –

Let’s talk about DA, Domain authority(DA) is used to Check the priority of your webpage in online search results. New DA 2.0 launched by MOZ to tell you how well your domain can do better.

New Domain Authority(DA) on Released on March 5th, 2019. Domain Authority has served our industry for years as a predictive measure of ranking ability, and we knew it deserved some updates to help it keep pace with search engine algorithms. As of March 5th, our advanced machine-learned model incorporates a number of new factors into its algorithm to gauge the strength of a site better than ever before. (And remember, DA is a proprietary Moz metric — search engines don’t use it to determine rankings.) Check out the resources below for all you need to know about Domain Authority 2.0. read

Q – Where I can find Moz DA 2.0 full announcement?
A – You can find Moz DA 2.0 full announcement here.

Domain Authority Factors –

  • Spam Score and complex distributions of links based on quality and traffic
  • Neural networking
  • Position in over 35 trillion links
  • More trustworthy metric
  • Domain fluent changes