Different ways of rigging or scam in MNREGA / NREGA –

different ways of MNREGA / NREGA

It is often seen that the foundation of many schemes is done by the government for unemployment and poverty uplift on the ground but these schemes are not seen in real terms because in these schemes A gang or mafia becomes active that is hidden from the village level to various government departments.

Let us talk about some similar works that connect rigging, scam and corruption with MNREGA

Job Card –   The facility of this card is given to the villager or laborer who can live on the basis of wages or labor work, in this, wages of ₹ 183 and ₹ 202 per day are currently fixed by the Government of India under this card. 100 days employment guarantee is given in 1 year.

 Job card is kept by the laborer and his attendance is required daily.

If seen on the ground, the laborer does not even know his labor card number, all the labor cards are kept by the head with him, this is also a kind of crime.

 Fake Muster Roll –    The name of the person working under the muster roll is filled in which he wishes to work, but at the village level, some people, whether it is the headman or the local contractor, will straighten their owl under the cover of fake musterroll. Online Musteroll check link – click here – 

Government employee’s involvement with contractors and with princes – At the ground level, no head or contractor can fill a fake musterroll unless he has a patronage request from a government employee or MNREGA assistant or village development officer. Government employees also indulge in corruption through such fake musterrolls or fake accounts.

Withdrawal of   fake accounts – Fake accounts refers to the accounts of people who have not gone to work in any MNREGA construction work or have any connection with MNREGA construction work. Because on doing MNREGA work, the money is paid directly by the government to the labor account whose present value is ₹ 202 per day. Due to the nexus of the local head or contractor, money is withdrawn from the fake accounts, some percentage of which is given to the account holder. The account holder also does not hesitate in this task because in the absence of information and greed for some money, he consents to the bank gives for evacuation.

Fake  wages – If seen under fake wages, the number of days of laborers is increased to increase the wages received under MNREGA, which leads to doubling of the account of the worker. 

Fake work –  Under fake works, the head of the local village development officer in connivance with such works is also offered in the online CMS where there is no need for such work, it has been found that many times the local head shows a lot of old works by showing them new They cheat money.

MNREGA Ombudsman – An Ombudsman has been established at every district level to monitor all these fake works, which redress any complaints related to corruption at their level, the Ombudsman is directly connected with the officers of the Chief Secretary level and Gives its report straight to the upper level.