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Delete Google Search My Activity –

Deletion of all  Google Search My Activity logs is necessary if you care about your privacy or you want to hide your Google search activities from the online third party for any leakage of your privacy.  Google allows its Gmail users to revise or delete their search activity history using directly from user’s end side.

Google is the world’s First and largest searching platform where google robots collect data from different servers and display those results into your Google search results. All of your queries and data (Known as your activities) is used to store in Google AI system. Later same saved information is used to provide you best searching results in future.

Your stored data is used by the AI system to judge Human Behavior (HB a part of management) and Help you in searching of best results for the thing you’re looking online. Most of the Time google absence ads appear on your search results matched with your searched content or activity.

Thus we are providing you step by step details of How to delete google activity data in one go –

Step 1 – First Open and enter my activity delete. Then click on the first link. You can directly enter the google my activity website URL address in browser’s address bar then press enter.

Step 2 – Once you have successfully signed in using your Gmail account id. You will be able to check and delete your history.

After signing in you will see a myActivity Welcome Dashboard Screen page.

Step 3 – Google My Activity Dashboard Screen will show you all the History of your stored data and activities. Activities are that what you have performed in past times. Now On left-hand side menu link to click on Delete Activity by  –

Step 4 – Once you clicked on Delete activity by you will see certain drop down options to delete your data from the AI System.

Step 5 – After that, a final confirmation box will appear to delete your data. Now click on Delete button.

Step 6 –  When you click on Delete Button all google activity will disappear from your dashboard. And probably from google AI System.

Google Activity Dashboard with no Activity Data
Google Activity Dashboard with no Activity Data

These Six steps can help you to protect you from Google search activities. To Delete your local computer history you can use any PC-cleaning software, Tools to clear your browser history. Can also use Browser’s incognito mode to protect your privacy while browsing online.

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