google policy update 31 march 2020

Google Policy updates 31 march 2020 – Definitions

New Google Policy march 2020 – If you’re using google services or google user then these definitions are for you – Google is changing its policy on 31 March 2020, …

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How Google Talked about ‘Google AI’ in 2018

How Google worked to make AI for everyone in 2018 – Seeing music. Predicting earthquake aftershocks. Finding emojis in real life. These are just a few examples of how researchers,…

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Why sky is blue

aTalk About Myths and Doubt About Sky Colors.

The sky is unlimited space of our imaginations. its blue color creates thousands of Curiosity in our mind. let’s see few of them. Is the sky blue because of the…

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Design for NASA Astrobee Challange 2018 & Win $25000

Participate in NASA  Astrobee Challange and get a chance to win prize up to $25000 USD . Show your innovative ideas and concepts in 14 new contests with NASA. Find…

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