google policy update 31 march 2020

Google Policy updates 31 march 2020 – Definitions

New Google Policy march 2020 – If you’re using google services or google user then these definitions are for you – Google is changing its policy on 31 March 2020, …

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ieee paper publish

Learn How to Xplore and Publish Research papers in IEEE Journal

2019 IEEE Xplore Talk – Through research, we provide new inspiration to the world. Through new discoveries, there is another chance to know the world, every new discovery says something…

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How Google Talked about ‘Google AI’ in 2018

How Google worked to make AI for everyone in 2018 – Seeing music. Predicting earthquake aftershocks. Finding emojis in real life. These are just a few examples of how researchers,…

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How Copyleft Different from Copyright?

Let’s talk about the difference between copyright and copyleft (uncopyrighted). The “left” in “copyleft” is not a reference to the verb “to leave”—only to the direction which is the mirror…

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Design for NASA Astrobee Challange 2018 & Win $25000

Participate in NASA  Astrobee Challange and get a chance to win prize up to $25000 USD . Show your innovative ideas and concepts in 14 new contests with NASA. Find…

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