Career opportunities in advertising industry – Iinstitute course & fee details

Career opportunities in advertising industry

Advertising industry introduction –

Many small objects have been made bigger than the ad in the right direction” – Mark Twain

The art of reaching people to the message is advertising. Generally, ads make people aware of any product, service or social issue. The advertising department is one of the main departments of any industry that makes the industry competitiveness in today’s corporate environment. The Indian advertising industry is on the path of progress where it will provide employment to thousands of youth in the next few years.

In the rapidly growing Indian economy, the area of advertising has brought new employment prospects. Advertising agencies are always searching for such fundamental and talented people who can present their independent ideas as well as working in the group.

Demand and supply –  Advertising area in India

Phased process

Advertising companies employ people of different educational backgrounds at different levels of their departments. To start, you must have a professional degree or diploma in a particular area. Apart from this, the strong hold on language and the high level of communication skills play an important role in making this region a masterpiece.

You can choose one of the following courses for employment in a particular department of the advertising company-

(A) Customer Service – PG Diploma or MBA in Marketing

(B) BFA or AMPA in Studio-Commercial or Fine Art

(C) Media- Journalism, Mass Communication or MBA

(D) Finance – CA, ICWA or MBA (Finance)

(I) Specializing in film-audio-visual

(F) Production – Courses in Pre-Press Processing and Printing

After completion of the course, the best way to get into the field of advertising is “on-job training” which provides almost all good institutions as an important part of the curriculum.


First and foremost to make your debut in the advertising world is to be creative. These creatures can be in any form – whether it is in the form of language or communicative capacity, in the form of art or in the form of innovative ideas.

There is a minimum qualification for postgraduation in advertising. Graduates with 50 percent marks in any subject. For admission in all these courses, it is necessary to pass the entrance examination, interview or both. Some institutes also provide training in graduate level, for which the candidate is required to pass class 12.

Is this the right career for me?
If you are enthusiastic, self-employed, creative, optimistic and have the ability to work together, the field of advertising can prove to be a great career option for you. The ability of mass communication and understanding of people is an essential skill for those seeking career in advertising, which can be helpful in understanding the needs of the customers and making decisions on their basis.

Institutes training in the field of advertising develops the following qualities in the candidate-

  • (A) Impressive communication
  • (B) Presentation and Management
  • (C) Ability to work in the group and provide leadership
  • (D) stress management
  • (E) Enlightenment capacity
  • (R) Confidence
  • (L) Competitive ability

There is always a need for educationally qualified and experienced workers for advertising to various national and international companies employed in India. However, in this rapidly expanding business, priority is given to the ability of a person to be more creative and to do something new than the educational qualification.

How much will it cost?

Annual fees in institutions like the Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad, is about Rs 1 lakh. But fees in some government and private institutions are less than that.


Getting sa scholarship is a daunting task. Most scholarships are given on the basis of excellent academic performance.

Employment opportunities

There are many employment opportunities in the field of advertising – from private advertising companies to advertising department of large government and private companies. Apart from this, you can also be employed in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV business departments, market research companies etc. Freelancing can also be an option.
There are some important posts of Ad Manager, Sales Manager, Public Relations Director, Creative Director, Copywriter and Marketing Communications Director of Advertising Agency, where can be employed.

Pay scale 

Depending on the size of advertising agencies and their turnover, the pay scale depends. Large and well-known agencies work according to a systematic arrangement, whereas in small and mid-level companies, the same person has to demonstrate many tasks.

There is no blockage of pay scales for the appropriate person in this area. In fact, it depends on the person’s abilities, education and experience. Initially, you are assigned basic tasks, but as your experience grows you can be given great responsibility like dealing with customers.

You can easily start at a lower level from any agency, but in order to climb the ladder of success, you must have the above-mentioned qualities. Your ability to work and experience increases as well as your pay scale increases. Starting with the Creative Department, you can easily get a monthly salary of 8 to 15 thousand.