Look Here Before Buying Second Hand Used Car

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Buying second hand used cars –

The market for second-hand cars is growing rapidly in the country, just as people are interested in buying new cars, the demand for old cars has also increased rapidly. There are a number of great secondhand cars available across the country with the best options at low prices.

If you are thinking of buying a second-hand car then this article will prove helpful to you. Today we will talk about the top best-second hand cars in the country in this article.

Checklist before buying a second-hand vehicle –

Make sure about these things before buying second-hand vehicle check these list given below –

  1. Documents required
    • Car insurance
    • Car RC
      • Date of registration
      • Car model
      • Owner Details
      • Number of owners(first, second or third )
      • others
    • Pollution certificate
    • Service manual
    • Car fitness certificate
    • Owner Id Proof
  2. Kilometer car has driven
  3. Car Fuel Type (Petrol, Diesel)
  4. Car mileage
  5. Condition of the car(inner)
    • Seats
    • Dust
    • Dashboard Functioning
    • AC Condition
    • Music System
  6. Condition of the car(outside)
    • Car engine condition
    • Car lightings
    • Body color paint condition
    • Dusting
    • Cracks & Joints
    • Car Dent

Ignore these second-hand cars –

  • More than 1,50,000Km driven second-hand cars (average engine life is approx 1.5 to 2 lack kilometers sometimes 3,00,000km)
  • Accidental cars
  • Low mileage cars ( less than 10 km/l)
  • In Bad condition
  • If car involved in Illegal activity
  • Without NOC, RC, Insurance,
  • Without Pollution certificate

Top selling  Second-hand Cars –

  • Centro Jing
  • Honda City Siddan
  • Suzuki Swift Dzire
  • Maruti Suzuki SX4
  • Hyundai varna
  • Punto (Fiat)
  • Maruti Alto

Maruti Suzuki

First-hand price – 5 -8 lack. | Second-hand price – 1.18 to 3 lck

Customers like Centro Jing, the second car of Hyundai Centro Jing Hyundai. It is a petrol car, even if it is old, its engine condition is very good. Apart from this, its price is also very low.

The popular hatchback car Swift has no answer for the country’s largest car maker Maruti Suzuki. Swift is in third place in the second-hand car market. Although it is a bit higher in price. a

Honda City Siddan

First-hand price – 9 -14 lack. | Second-hand price – 3 to 5 lack

The hobby of car enthusiasts always keeps Honda City in sight. The first hand is the price of this car, but as soon as the old car gets released in the market, its price is seen to be a huge drop. This is probably the reason that the demand in the second hand market is high.

Suzuki Swift Dzire

First-hand price – 8 lack. | Second-hand price – 2.5 to 4 lack

The car that Suzuki Swift Dzire, Maruti’s car has done, has not been in the fate of any car in the country yet. Yes, the company has sold a total of 10 lakh units of this car. That’s how you can guess its popularity.

Maruti Suzuki

First-hand price – 3.89 lack. | Second-hand price – 80k to 2.5 lack

WagonR is also very popular due to its utility and low cost in the second hand market. This is an ideal family car, and in the US market, it is easily found in good condition. Hyundai i20 Premium Hatchback has a great i20 that proves to be good for amateur amateurs. Hyundai’s Year’s Faith, Looks Lovely and Best Performance Hyundai I20 is also popular in the Second Hand market.

Maruti Suzuki SX4

First-hand price – 7.32 lack. | Second-hand price – 2 to 3.5 lack

Maruti Suzuki’s mid-level sedan car SX4 could not perform anything in the Indian market. Even if this car does not get the firsthand buyer, but there is no shortage of buyers of this car in the second hand market. This is a great sedan car at low cost.

Hyundai varna

First-hand price – 9 lack. | Second-hand price – 1.5 to 3.5 lack

Hyundai varna, demand is also better in the second-hand market. However, in the category of Sedan cars, there is a lot more to the demand of DZire. But those who are fond of fluid designs like this car.

Hyundai Accent

First-hand price –  5.9 to 7 lack. | Second-hand price – 2 to 3.5 lack

Hyundai Accent is a premium sedan car, and those who want to enjoy a luxury car at a low cost, they prefer the Hyundai Accent. Because the price of this car in the first hand is as low as its price in the second-hand car market.

Fiat Punto

First-hand price –  6 to 9 lack. | Second-hand price – 1.5 to 2.5 lack

The Fiat Grande Punto is a supermini car produced by the Italian manufacturer Fiat since 2005. It is the third generation in the series of the Fiat Punto, and was announced in August 2005, and launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
Fiat Punto with a turbojet engine, average millage 15 – 20 km/l. Showroom price 6 to 9 lack.