Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand scheme – India’s First

Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand –

Launched Date – 25 December 2018. Location –  Dehradun, State Uttarakhand.

“Ayushman Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan Swasthya Yojna” has been started by Narendra Modi, under which, about 5 lakh families of our state are being provided free medical treatment up to Rs 5 lakh in the treatment of critical illness. Continuing the plans of the Prime Minister, the state government will provide free medical facilities of Rs. 5 lakh per annum to the nearly 18 lakhs and families by launching “Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand Yojana“. Thus, all 23 lakh families of Uttarakhand state will receive free medical treatment for general and critical illness.

This facility will be provided to state government hospitals (which includes all the Community Health Centers, District Hospitals, Joint Hospitals, and Base Clinics) and listed private hospitals (on the basis of referencing). Remedies can also be made without reference to private hospitals listed in Emergency. This plan is completely cashless and pay less.

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Highlights Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand Scheme launched in the state –

  • Chief Minister Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat launched the scheme on the birth anniversary of Bharat.
  • Ratna and former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
  • Uttarakhand becomes the first state to provide free health coverage to all its’ residents.
  • Every family will get the facility to get free treatment up to Rs. Five lakh per annum.
  • Soon free OPD for children and old in registered hospitals.
  • The scheme will be implemented in the entire state soon.
  • Accredited journalists to get the benefits of the scheme like government employees.
  • Dedicated air ambulances to start from January 26.

Key features of Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand  Yojana –

  1. In case of feeling sick, all families of Uttarakhand will get the benefit of the Yojana in case of getting admitted in a hospital.
  2. For the medical treatment facility, government and private hospitals have been identified.
  3. All members of every age group of the eligible beneficiary families can avail benefits under this Yojana.
  4. The beneficiary family can get it’s as well as family member details through the Mobile App (Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand Yojana).
  5. Such families which are not identified in the Yojana will be registered through Mobile App (Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand Yojana) and website http//
  6. You must have a Photo Identity Card at the time of treatment.
  7. The families selected in the Yojana will get treatment after certifying according to their database and according to the Photo Identity Card of the concerned.
  8. Packages related to the 1350 types of diseases have been selected in the Yojana.
  9. 130 packages related to cardiovascular disease, 42 packages related to eye disease, 94 related to nose ear, throat disease, 114 package related to bone disease, 161 package related to urinary disease, 73 package related to women disease, 253 package related to surgical disease, 115 package related to neurosurgery, neuro Radiology and plastic surgery, burn disease, 9 packages related to dental disease, 156 diseases related to hair disease, 156 packages related to pediatric disease, 70 packages related to medical disease, 112 packages related to cancer disease and 21 other packages have been selected.
  10. For the assistance of the patients, Arogya Mitra will be deployed in the listed hospitals through which the patients undergoing treatment in the hospital will get help and guidance. Mobile Number of in the listed hospitals will be available at the help desk of the hospital.

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About Ayushman Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana –

Ayushman Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana has been started by the Prime Minister, Government of India, to provide healthcare security to nearly 10 crore families selected in the Socio-Economic and Caste Census 2011. About 5.37 lakh families of Uttarakhand have been identified under this Public Welfare Scheme and work to provide free health facilities and medical treatment up to Rs 5 lakh annually has been started. On the directions of the Chief Minister, expanding the scope of Ayushman Bharat Yojana, Uttarakhand government is starting Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand Yojana in which medical facilities up to Rs 5 lakh per annum will be provided to all the families of Uttarakhand. In this manner, about 23 lakh resident families in Uttarakhand will get free medical treatment.

This facility will be provided in state government hospitals and listed private hospitals. In case of emergency, this facility will be provided on direct admission in listed private hospitals. But in other cases, treatment in private hospitals will be available on the basis of a referral from the government hospital. In order to run the Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand Yojana in a smooth manner, the government is working to list all government hospitals as well as private hospitals and it is the effort of the government that according to various types of specializations, the hospitals will be listed.

In order to make this Yojana simple and smooth, complaints and suggestions of beneficiaries from general masses are being received on the Toll-Free Help Line 104, Mobile App (Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand Yojana) and website http// Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand Yojana is an important initiative in the public health sector.