Aadhaar For Social Media Accounts?

Aadhaar For Social Media Accounts

Aadhaar For Social Media Accounts – Twitter | Facebook, etc

If you are a social media user then this news talks for you. To ensure a safe social platform. Last month, reports emerged that Govt. may use Aadhaar, along with mobile numbers as an option to verify authentic users, and to stop trolls from spreading fake news, messages.

One official had said, “These details needn’t pop up each time with my account, but there should be some way for law enforcement agencies or at least for the platform to verify that I am who I claim to be.”

But it won’t be easy to make Aadhaar as a compulsory requirement for using social media accounts because it can restrict the user’s freedom, but a mobile number seems a better option – Especially now, since getting a SIM card without a valid ID is an impossible task these days.

Issues with Aadhaar for social media –

  • Aadhaar number or personal identity number is not something to share. It can harm the person individually.
  • This process can leak the individual identity of the citizens.
  • The government handles large and secure infrastructure to secure citizens data. which is not an easy task for social media companies to handle.
  • The government will never agree to share local server data in other data centers located in other countries.
  • People will hesitate to upload their personal information to social sites. This will reduce the engagement of users on social sites. And over time, active and new users traffic will decrease.
  • etc

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