pepsi india & coca cola india facebook Report

Top Brands of India Losing Public Attention? – Pepsi & Coca-Cola India

Top Indian Soft drink manufacturer brand Pepsi India and Coca-Cola India losing the attention of the online Indian audience. This report is based on their Facebook page’s posts engagements. Pepsi Facebook Likes…

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Doodle 4 Google Competition

Doodle 4 Google India Competition – aTalk

Doodle 4 Google  Talk – Last date: 06-Oct-2018  If you are creative, artist, and innovative. Google introduced Doodle 4 Google Competition for you. With Doodle 4 Google India competition you…

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Digital Literacy new name -Bamashah Digital Family Planning 

Bhamashah Digital Family Planning

Digital Literacy new name – Bamashah Digital Family Planning Several schemes have been started by the Rajasthan government for the purpose of connecting every person in the country with digital…

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Why sky is blue

aTalk About Myths and Doubt About Sky Colors.

The sky is unlimited space of our imaginations. its blue color creates thousands of Curiosity in our mind. let’s see few of them. Is the sky blue because of the…

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